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Non-Invasive Vacuum Therapy Brazilian Butt Lift & Laser Lipo Session

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What do I need to know about body sclupting?

It is A LOT more affordable than a typical cosmetic or medical procedure, like liposuction

It's non-invasive; there are no needles or surgery involved and you should not expect any pain

There is no downtime and you should expect to see some results right after the first session

It helps to reduce fat, get rid of cellulite and results in a leaner, more toned, physique

Vacuum Therapy


Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive massaging technique that helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups. At its core, vacuum therapy offers deep massaging effects. The procedure may work for buttock toning by decreasing muscle tension, increasing lymphatic flow to remove toxins and water retention, exfoliating the skin, thereby making it smoother and more toned and decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

Bella Body Spa and Beauty Spa is your one-stop-shop for non- invasive body contouring, fat loss, and skin tightening solutions, plus more.

Bella Body Spa & Beauty Lounge is a Black Owned Full Service Luxury Spa & Beauty Lounge with locations in New York, Trinidad and Dubai with Licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists, Massage Therapists, Nail Technicians, Lash Technicians, Make Up Artists & Yoga Instructors 

Bella Body Spa & Beauty Lounge caters to your everyday Beauty, Wellness and Relaxation needs, by incorporating the most advanced technologies in the market today with their unique techniques. 



We run on customer satisfaction


We value our time and yours!

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment. Please note that should you arrive 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment, we may not be able to accommodate you and a late fee may apply.

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